Compare and Contrast Essay

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Thesis: Compare these two car types which are SUV and Sedan in terms of their cost, convenience, and stability.

(1) Cost

A) SUV and Sedans are expensive automobilies.

B) SUVs are more expensive than sedans, because SUVs cost a lot of the vehicle production cost.

C) Sedans are slightly cheaper at any automobile markets because they have low fuel consumption and small size.  

(2) Convenience

A) The automobiles have been developed composition of the car, design, style, auto parts, and convenience every day.

B) SUV has high roofs, so drivers could drive comfortably because it’s easy to see far ahead.

C) sedan makes less noise than SUV, so it is comfortable to ride in.

(3) Stability

A) All cars are equipped with airbags everywhere.

B) SUV has bigger size and higher roofs so they protect the driver and passengers in accidents.

C) Sedan is made by solid surfaces, and it focus on the industrial-strength.


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